800 Series Pond Log®

Applied Polymer Systems products harness the power of environmentally friendly materials to solve numerous water quality, erosion, and sediment challenges. Anionic polyacrylamide (PAM) is a polymer flocculant that can be used for a wide variety of erosion, sediment, and stormwater management applications. APS products bind, stabilize, and/or remove commonly problematic particles like sediment (clays, silt), metals, and nutrients to prevent erosion, clear water, and improve BMP performance. APS products are made and packaged in the United States, are drinking water quality (NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified), have been extensively toxicity tested by third party laboratories in accordance with EPA standards, and are safe for both terrestrial and aquatic organisms and environments.

Product Overview

APS 800 Series Pond Logs® are a group of tailored polymer gel logs that contain blends of water treatment components and anionic polyacrylamide. Pond Logs slowly dissolve in flowing water and bind suspended particulate such as sediment and nutrients. These bound particles can then be settled and removed from the water column – improving water quality and clarity.

800 Series Pond Log

Primary Applications

  • Ponds adversely affected by high phosphorus concentrations or suspended sediments
  • Ponds affected by fertilizer and stormwater runoff
  • Residential, municipal, decorative, agricultural, and
    irrigation ponds
  • Ponds with poor clarity and water quality due to
    phosphorus and suspended contaminants.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe for fish and sensitive aquatic organisms!
  • Remove >95% of turbidity and suspended sediment
  • Remove >90% of total phosphorus
  • Remove >50-60% of dissolved, reactive phosphorus
  • Remove >70% of metals
  • Improve water quality and clarity
  • Reduce environmental risks and meet water quality standards.

Directions for Use

  • Mixing is key! APS 800 Series Pond Logs® should be placed in the flow of water produced by circulation and water features such as fountains, aerators, circulators, waterfalls, etc.
  • Pond Logs® have built in ropes with attachment loops which can be tied to aerators, fountains, rocks, trees, etc.
  • Water must be flowing around the Pond Logs® to facilitate dissolution and dispersion of the log components – Install Pond Logs directly in flow of water
  • As the dissolved Pond Log® components come into contact with phosphorus and other particulate, they will form larger, heavier agglomerations (floc) that will settle out of the water column

Application Rates

  • 1 Pond Log® per 325,000-500,000 gallons of water (recirculating application) OR
  • 1 Pond Log per 50-70 gpm flow (inflow, stream, and flow through application)
  • Replace Pond Logs® once fully dissolved or if new phosphorus or sediment loads are expected
  • Pond Log® lifespan will depend on mixing device but is typically 2-4 weeks
    Must be used in flowing water. Flocculation cannot occur without mixing

Precautions / Limitations

  • Use only as directed – exceeding suggested application rates will not improve performance
  • If logs are not dissolving or visible results are not seen in 1 week, ensure log is in flow and contact manufacturer
  • APS 800 Series Pond Logs® have been tailored to specific water and soil types and water sample must be tested to ensure effective results. Testing is necessary and is free
  • Consult manufacturer (Applied Polymer Systems) or authorized distributor to confirm proper site specific formulation and dosage prior to use

Sediment-Turbidity Removal

Contact us to have your site’s soil and water matched with the correct APS product for free!
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