700 Series Silt Stop®

Applied Polymer Systems products harness the power of environmentally friendly materials to solve numerous water quality, erosion, and sediment challenges. Anionic polyacrylamide (PAM) is a polymer flocculant that can be used for a wide variety of erosion, sediment, and stormwater management applications. APS products bind, stabilize, and/or remove commonly problematic particles like sediment (clays, silt), metals, and nutrients to prevent erosion, clear water, and improve BMP performance. APS products are made and packaged in the United States, are drinking water quality (NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified), have been extensively toxicity tested by third party laboratories in accordance with EPA standards, and are safe for both terrestrial and aquatic organisms and environments.

Product Overview

700 Series Silt Stop® powders are a group of soil specific, tailored anionic polyacrylamide co-polymer powders/ granules for erosion control and soil stabilization. They prevent erosion of fine particles and colloidal clays and decrease stormwater turbidity. They also aid in vegetative establishment and increase water infiltration into the soil surface.

Primary Applications

  • Soil stabilization and dust control
  • Newly cleared construction and building sites
  • Mine tailings and waste piles
  • Road and highway construction
  • Hydroseeding and water truck application
  • Enhancement of existing sediment and erosion control BMPs/ water clarification.

Features and Benefits

  • Holds soil, seed, and fertilizer in place during rain events
  • Prevents colloidal clay suspension in stormwater
  • Clarifies water and enhances erosion and sediment control best management practices
  • Decreases soil movement during rain events
  • Binds metals and phosphorus within soil, preventing mobilization
  • Decreases pesticide and fertilizer loss
  • Decreases wind borne dust (fields, haul road, etc.)
  • Improves water infiltration into soil surface and aids in vegetative establishment
  • Reduces operational and cleanup costs
  • Helps meet regulations, environmental friendly.

Directions for Use

Dry Silt Stop®

Dry Silt Stop® is applied dry via hand spreader, push spreader, mechanical disk, or hand sowing

  • Slope or ditch application may require artificial support such as straw, matting, or wood fiber mulch to reduce down slope movement
  • Areas of high water velocity will require benching or tier structuring to reduce velocity. Sheet flow applications are best.
  • APS Silt Stop® Powder may be mixed with dry silica sand to aid in spreading. Ratios of sand to powder will vary in accordance with the type of spreading device used

Liquid (dissolved) Silt Stop®

Liquid (dissolved) Silt Stop® Powder may be applied with hydroseed, water trucks, or other spraying devices.

  • All spraying devices must have a mechanical agitator or mixing apparatus or hydraulic recirculation.
  • Caution – Do Not mix powder into a spraying device that does not contain a mixing apparatus.


  • Sprinkle powder into the water with the mixing apparatus operating as the last material to be added to the mix. Three to Five minutes of mixing will be required after the powder is sprinkled into the water
  • ADD THE POWDER SLOWLY – adding the powder to fast will result in clumping resulting in poor performance

Caution – DO NOT EXCEED 10 lbs / 1,000 gallons of water as viscosity of the water may clog and damage spraying equipment

Water Clarification: Silt Stop Powder may be used for water clarification by applying to matting, rock checks, etc. See Silt Clear flyer and directions for use for water treatment application rates and directions for use.

Application Rates

Precautions / Limitations

  • Use only as directed – exceeding suggested application rates will not improve performance.
  • See Silt Clear flyer for instructions on using Silt Stop Powders for water clarification
  • Formulations are soil specific, sample analysis must be performed prior to application
  • Avoid inhaling dust/ powder, may cause irritation. Use dust mask when applying Silt Stop®.
  • Clean up spills quickly. Do not use water unless necessary, extremely slippery conditions will result.
  • Consult manufacturer (Applied Polymer Systems) or authorized distributor to confirm proper site specific

Sediment-Turbidity Removal

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